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Welcome to Foiling Magazine’s Test Center, home to all our in-depth reviews of the latest foiling gear.

From foils, to wings, to foil boards, and everything in between, our global test team of professional riders offer their personal take on what shiny new kit you should be spending your hard-earned money on…


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Sroka Sky Rider

The Sky Rider is the perfect flat water board for freeride, racing and entry freestyle. It is light, balanced and will help an intermediate level rider to perform faster.

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Double Dip: Cabrinha Fusion H650 & H800 Foil

The range of wing combinations makes this series versatile enough for any rider to pick a setup for any condition or foiling discipline.

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Double Dip: Naish MA 1000 & 1200 Foil

The MA series foils are a great platform for riders looking for one foil ecosystem that can bring them from the initial learning phase, into an intermediate rider, and ultimately have the flexibility to adapt to the niche demands from an advanced foiler.

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ION Rogue wing harness

ION have taken all their knowledge, built up from a massive legacy of kite and windsurf harnesses, and combined this into an intelligently designed and adaptable piece of equipment.

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Ride Engine Nug

The California firm’s new Nug takes simplicity to the next level by eliminating 90% of the bulk in a harness...

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Axis ART 799/899 (and 375/400 Progressive Rear Wing)

The AXIS Research Team continue to pump out some well researched, well designed pieces of equipment that inspire confidence and are a joy to ride...

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Eleveight WFS V2

We found the WFS V2 to be a stiff, maneuverable, and powerful wing and a great example of a well thought out and executed ‘boomed’ wing.

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Sroka S-Foil HA 1190 Speed & Lift

The S-Foil HA front wings give a very comfortable foil platform and open up the range of each foil to work together without changing to a bigger or smaller wing when wind conditions change.

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Ocean Rodeo Glide HL-Series

The Glide is intricately built and an exercise in combining new and established materials to get the best from both...

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RRD Dynamic Pro SWK Alu 1200

For a high lift and an amiable smooth character, you can’t fault the Dynamic Pro SWK 1200, providing a decent speed range and maneuverability increase without compromising too much on general stability.

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Armstrong HA725

The HA725 has a terrific speed range, especially on the high end. Its maneuverability is also stellar, more than entertaining enough for advanced foil surfers, and it’s an excellent crossover foil for winging if you’re powered up.

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GA Foils Hybrid HP 1750

The GA Hybrid HP 1750 hydrofoil is an excellent hydrofoil for intermediate wingfoilers. It also looks awesome…

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Levitaz Boom75

The manufacturing is second to none, and its feature-rich build is well considered and functional as well as an eye poppingly beautiful piece of carbon art, matching well with the Levitaz foil range.

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Cabrinha Mantis V2

The Mantis v2 is a great blend between a boosty freestyle wing, offering extended hang time and glide, and it's also a wave machine due to the stability and control.

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