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Welcome to Foiling Magazine’s Test Center, home to all our in-depth reviews of the latest foiling gear.

From foils, to wings, to foil boards, and everything in between, our global test team of professional riders offer their personal take on what shiny new kit you should be spending your hard-earned money on…


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Flysurfer Mojo

A refined first wing that is a classic Flysurfer mixture of an innovative build and high attention to detail.

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Olaian Foil 500

With a perfect combination between progressive lift and control, this allows a beginner to enjoy their first rides easily.

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KT Drifter S

A masterful jack of all trades, its fit and finish are second to none. It doesn’t hurt that Kai Lenny rides one, either!

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Starboard X Airush Freewing Air V2

The Swiss Army Knife of larger wings, with the 6m and being above a very different shape to the 5m and below.

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Lift 120 HA and 150 Surf V2

If you’re an intermediate to advanced rider these are an incredible pairing, an epic two-punch quiver proposal.

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RRD Dynamic SW Alu 1700

A solid foil with more scope and speed range than many entry-level foils on the market, yet remaining very easy to ride.

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AK Durable Supply Co. Phazer

An agile wing board with crossover prone potential, that stands out from the crowd with its more traditional surf lines and elegant design.

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Gaastra Poison

A well-evolved wing that combines performance and usability and will allow intermediate wingers to get into waveriding.

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Kold Viking 1680

Produced in the EU, this is an impressive entry and a great ‘all round’ foil that will suit 90% of wingers.

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Cloud IX F Series

While no ‘speed machines’ these will allow you to stay in the pocket, riding slower, crumbly waves and rip turns minus the risk of high-speed foiling.

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Starboard Wingboard Lite Tech

A wingfoiling-specific board for novice riders using larger foils, or more advanced riders in lighter winds.

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Vayu VVing

An impressive entry into the wing market by a new brand, with an effective ‘new’ style of wing.

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AFS Flyer 1300

A perfectly balanced freeride foil with early lift and amazing glide that pumps impressively.

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