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A worthy upgrade over the V2, the new Mantis is going to be the perfect wing to keep the more sportive rider engaged and aid progression in any genre of riding.

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FreeWing PRO 4m + AK Durable Supply Co. Ether Low Back Harness

In practice we found this wing extremely powerful in the hands, driving power through your front arm and producing as much grunt as anyone could require.

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North Nova LW 7m

The big Nova LW is surprisingly easy to handle, ridiculously grunty and pushes the boundary of what’s currently possible when wingfoiling in light winds.

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CORE XC wing

The XC is an easy-to-use wing with a robust, high-quality construction that is synonymous with the CORE brand.

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GA Cross 2023

Overall, the Cross is a powerhouse, and it provides an excellent benchmark for what we expect to see from wings as the year progresses.

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