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Mistral Skywave wing

The Skywave is a powerful, balanced wing perfect for the winger who is looking to push into the realms of riding fast and boosting high. It also lends itself well to course racing.

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Tahe Alizé wing

Intermediate and expert wingfoilers seeking a versatile wing will find the Alizé a perfect match, for its carefully engineered profile that offers ample stability and efficiency, and its nicely refined ergonomics.

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Dakine Cyclone V2

The Cyclone V2 delivers on all fronts, catering to riders seeking a powerful yet lightweight feel and performance in a broad range of wind conditions.

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Flysurfer TAO

The TAO is minimal, light, simple to operate and exceptionally comfortable, and will naturally suit those with a more elegant, rather than brute force approach to wingfoiling.

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Ozone Flux V1

The Flux sits proudly on the starting grid like a thoroughbred racehorse chomping at the bit. It’s securely amongst the top brass of contemporary wings, and is futuristic in both performance and appearance.

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North Mode Pro

If you’re looking for speed and composure, and a hyper direct control feel, the Mode Pro should be high up the considerations list for high-end performance freeride and race applications.

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Cabrinha Vision 03

The Cabrinha Vision is a sprightly feeling, full featured and versatile freeride wing which will please a massive range of riders.

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Armstrong A-Wing XPS

The XPS' combination of searing upwind ability, ghost-like flagging and general superb handling whilst overhead and through the bends enables the rider playful mobility for freeride and wave use.

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Vayu Aura X

Unashamedly high end, the Aura X is a versatile speed machine across disciplines with punchy power delivery and handling attributes that any progressive rider is going to benefit from.

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