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Double Dip: FFB WCFC Frequent Flyer & J.A.T.O.

Whether it's surf foiling in ankle high to overhead waves, prone downwinding, or winging it as a strapped or unstrapped sinker, the resurrection of the West Coast Foil Club is here to stay.

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Tabou Tiny

Overall the Tiny lives up to its name, and the board's low volume and excellent construction and design provide a balanced and truly impressive riding experience.

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RRD Beluga LTD (+ Helmet & Impact Vest)

The Beluga LTD is a solid responsive board that has been made to cater for pushing the limits of your riding, be it freestyle or wave riding with the design features catering towards recovery and forgiving touchdowns.

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Appletree Apple Skipper Wing

If your focus is wave riding, and you want to make more radical and tight turns, lose board swing weight alongside air resistance without a huge compromise in low end, then look no further.

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Indiana 3’7 Pump Foil

This board is excellent for pump foiling. What also stands out in this board is the incredibly light and strong carbon construction, giving the rider an incredible level of feedback from the foil.

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Slingshot Flying Fish V2

This is an excellent board for riders looking for a one-board quiver, prone foilers that want to catch waves easily, or wingfoilers looking for a board that will facilitate the deep-water start.

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