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RRD Blast 1150

The Blast 1150 is a versatile foil that opens up the range of conditions in which you can wing and SUP downwind thanks to its generous low end and low stall. As a first foray into high aspects, this foil ticks all the boxes.

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Range Review: Armstrong MA series

It’s a system that takes some dialing into, but once you make time to achieve that physical adjustment, you’ll quickly feel comfortable and learn to trust the system, then you can unlock a pile of performance.

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Double Dip: Unifoil Progression 140 & 170

The Unifoil Progression foil provides incredible versatility and performance. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced rider, this foil is guaranteed to elevate your foiling experience.

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Double Dip: Lift 150HA-X & 110HA-X

Riders looking for a fast but cruisy surf and downwind wing can’t go wrong with the 150HA-X. For riders looking to break speed records, race, and rip a foil that unlocks faster lines, the 110HA-X is the one for you!

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Triton X-1 Mono Foil

Riders that are willing to adapt to a new foil concept will unlock a new level of fun in smaller waves or flat water, and new foilers will appreciate the simplicity and safety of the monofoil design.

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It initiates turns far more eagerly in the roll axis, it’s far more stable on tip breaches, and for a foil with so much span feels incredibly agile. We can’t wait to get a spin on the smaller sizes...

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North SF-Series SF930

Having such a broad speed spectrum and good low end makes these wings incredibly fun for landing jumps, lightwind winging, and downwinding. For foilers that are looking for a solid all-around kit they won’t outgrow, the SF series is a great option.

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Takuma Kujira II

We found the Kurija II to be an excellent step forward, both in terms of the new direction with the set-up, but also in terms of the relative ease of use coupled with impressive performance characteristics.

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