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FOIL Boards

Vayu Fly

The Fly is indeed a major step forward from its predecessor, making it a top-tier choice for anyone seeking a more progressive board without sacrificing comfort and user friendliness in a compact and versatile package.

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Armstrong DW board

The stability of this board will give confidence to beginner riders who may find the width daunting, yet the responsiveness and performance of this board means it also appeals more advanced riders looking to push their riding to new levels.

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Mistral Skywave Board

The Mistral Skywave is well suited to riders looking to size down to a more neutrally buoyant or smaller board that covers all disciplines whilst still being easy to start for how compact it is.

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Freedom Foil Boards Dagger

Adapting across disciplines, opening lightwind winging on days never before thought possible, surfing in micro-sized or bigger rolling swells, and of course both SUP and prone downwinding, the FFB Dagger is a must have.

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Appletree Apple Skipper Short

As a kite foil board it feels electric, and as a wake or pump board, its innate stiffness translates every drop of energy you produce into thrust, wasting nothing.

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