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GA Foils GTX Wing Foil set

The solid nature and stiffness of the GTX system balances speed, maneuverability and glide well, resulting in an easy-to-access and performant system.

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Lift Foils 70 High Aspect

The Lift 70HA is a great choice for experienced wingers who want to achieve higher speeds without feeling overpowered or for effortlessly overtaking swells during wing downwinders.

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Unifoil Progression 200

Whether you’re looking to maximize small wave sessions, take on downwinding, or even experience the thrill of SUP foiling, the Progression 200 excels in all arenas.

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Armstrong APF 1880

Whether you're an experienced or an aspiring rider, embrace the glide, push your boundaries, and experience next level of pump and downwind training with the Armstrong APF series.

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