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Indiana 920 H-AR

A great showcase for some top-end Swiss engineering and foiling fun in a range of foiling disciplines.

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Naish Jet 1050 & 1250 (S25)

A pair of high-performance foils touted for their capability in a variety of applications.

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AK Plasma 1300 & 1600

The Plasma is a flexible discipline-spanning modular system suited to crossover riders who flick between surf, SUP, wing or even kite.

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Armstrong HA925

This could well become your daily driver, with limitless performance you are unlikely to grow out of.

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Axis ART999

This brings a new level of accessibility to a high-aspect foil. Turbocharge your progression across all foiling genres.

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Lift 200 Surf V2

A terrific foil in one of the most diverse, high performing, and yet accessible ranges in the industry.

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