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SPG Game Changer 1260

An appropriate name for a foil that strikes a unique chord resonating absolute joy.

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Naish HA1040 and Hover 4’8 Carbon Ultra

A true all-rounder wing and a great multi-purpose weapon of a board.

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Taaroa Up 1600

A very well-behaved and friendly allrounder that you won’t outgrow too quickly.

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Starboard X-Type 1100

An all-out high aspect speed machine that will give you a futuristic riding experience.

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Takuma Kujira 980

The ‘whale inspired’ Kujira is a high performing yet ultra-accessible hydrofoil.

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Lift HA 170

This rocket ship will leave a long-lasting impression on your perception of speed and glide.

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An exciting, no-compromises development in the AXIS range...

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