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Range Review: Fliteboard Flow 900, 1100 & 1300

Fliteboard’s Flow series of foil wings really impressed us with their surfy feel and are a great way to get people into foiling with surf foiling in mind, or for those wanting to get their foil fix on flat days.

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Double Dip: North Sonar HA850 & HA1050 (+ Sonar CF85 Edition Mast)

North are the first to admit they are a little late to the party with their HA range, but they’ve arrived in a gold limousine, extremely well dressed and with a massive fanfare and probably some fireworks.

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Double Dip: Cabrinha X-series MKII 930 & 1240

The new Fusion X-Series MKII foil system is a fantastic ecosystem for foilers. With wings suited for complete beginners, to the most hardcore wave chargers, the MKII can be customized to match every rider’s expectations.

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SABFOIL Leviathan 1350

The Leviathan 1350 caters to all levels of foilers looking to get into pumpfoil and to the more advanced pumpfoiler looking for one of the most efficient foils currently on the market.

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FFB Halcyon 1030

The Halcyon is a great foil for those who really want to push the ‘surfiness’ of their foiling and are looking to replicate that surf feeling on foil.

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This foil ticks all the boxes and its performance makes it a great option for heavier riders looking for a light wind freeride foil to wing, SUP and even downwind SUP.

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