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Delta Hydrofoil L + XL wings

For advanced to professional riders, Delta offers an extremely fun package which they can grow with as they push their level even further.

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MFC HYDROS 1250 + 1400

MFC are now applying their enviable R&D heritage to the world of hydrofoiling, and the HYDROS has been designed with one goal in mind: to make the most advanced surf foil to date...

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Lift SURF series

In a young sport like surf foiling, it’s not yet possible for anyone to consider themselves veterans, but if one brand stands out because of their longevity, it would be Lift...

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Signature ALBATROSS range

Top riders from around the world will enjoy the efficiency and performance of the Albatross range.

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Ride Engine FUTURA

Ride Engine is well positioned to give riders a platform upon which they can upgrade and develop their foiling styles into the future...

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